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Project Rewrite

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Welcome to Oxford University!
Oxford University has just sent you a letter, welcoming you to their 'close knit family' and promise you that you shall receive the best education from them during your stay in the school, and you're somehow surprised. By the letter itself. Why is that?

Did you think you wouldn't really get in the school? Did you just send the application and take the test as a joke? Did even you apply for it in the first place? Perhaps you didn't apply at all because you're in another school and they're all but bribing you to come with too-good-to-be-true perks they hint throughout the paper. Or perhaps you're not surprised at all, only annoyed it took them so long to recognize your genius.

Whatever the case is, you accept it and go there. It's a lifetime opportunity a fool will refuse to take. Maybe your parents and friends made sure they made you see that. Surprisingly enough it isn't hard to make friends there when you arrive. It comes almost naturally to be involved with others. You're almost drawn to a group of people or a particular person, who seem to almost understand you. They're normal in an almost way, just like you. They're... somehow different, just like you.

(Do they have those same little flashes as you?, you can't help but wonder. Do you feel these thoughts, these visions if you look at a picture of somewhere or of someone in a history book? Not that you'll ever ask someone of that.)

But while your stay in Oxford University is coming up like roses, you soon start to notice something a bit off about it.
Welcome to your new world!
There are the teaches for one thing. Some of them are what you expect for universities, overworked and cranky and simply doing their job. The others however. The ones who seem to be reaching out for you all the time, the ones who ask how is your day is despite the fact they have their own worries to tend to.

They're cheerful and compassionate to you and are willing to be your friend. A little too willing. They seem almost... invasive in terms of your private life? To know what you think or do? To know you, period? A bit silly to think, maybe they are just being friendly, but... but... There are also some students. Have you noticed them lately? How the same ones seem to be watching you, observing you. They're subtle but you've always been a clever person.

There is also how you're feeling lately if you're around someone. You have the urge to create or destroy or talk or act. What's happening? Is it your imagination running up again? Are those little flashes to what seemingly is the ancient history finally driving you suddenly to the brink?

(No. It isn't. Don't worry about it at all. Soon they'll find out. Them. The ones watching you. The Handlers will take care of you. The Researchers will make note of this. They'll make sure you're fine and safe from any danger. After all, they spent a lot of money creating you from that historical figure. It'll be a shame to lose you so soon. They have plans for you)
(And Welcome. To Project Rewrite.)
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